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Image of group member Kuro - full body concept sketch

Team Positions:

GUI Designer; BG Artist, web developer


Drawing, Reading Light novels

Working on:


Kuro started working on Stained with Magic as a Background artist. After a while he decided together with Kiyoshi and Terra, to create a group and show their working on the internet. As a webdesigner he is on charge on keeping some website updated and to create modifications where needed.

Kuro is actively working on many other projects outside of Hikage Studios. Most of the time he helps out developing some GUI-Design, finds himself in the position of an ideabouncer and also create other webpages for the people/group he is collaborating with.

Hikage Studios projects

Personal projects

  • project.fountaininthewoods.png

    The fountain in the woods

    Author, BG Artist and GUI design
    Some more game info will be available shortly

Other Projects and collaboration

Kuros blog

My first personal project: The fountain in the woods

In recent years i worked on creating assets for other games. By looking on what others have achieved, i also got the motivation to try and learn more about the development part of a games’ actual code, be it GUI or simply the script structure. I had a few ideas in mind for some personal projects and i guess time has come to try and tackle one of them: The fountain in the woods.

Status:Infected: A game seeking technical rebrush.

What is this rebrushing about? What are you talking about? Well, some Hikagestudios members worked or collaborated on other projects. Now one of these games will benefit from more development support. It is Hikagestudios’ first collaboration Project!